Specialised Career Solutions is a Registered Training Organisation (K&M Harris RTO 32292) offering a range of training courses that equip graduates with the industry skills and knowledge that employers seek when headhunting quality employees. With a key focus on security courses, Specialised Career Solutions is at the forefront of the security training industry in Adelaide, with extensive course offerings tailored to the security industry.

Specialised Career Solutions is a national operation, which ensures that the courses we offer meet the training standards established by regulatory authorities across Australia, resulting in a Nationally Recognised Training qualification*

Specialised Career Solutions has a number of Training Centre Locations across South Australia and interstate – offering an exceptional, first class training experience with access to the latest security, aviation, firearms and drug screening technology at your fingertips. We specialise in security courses and related security industry training.

Our dedicated team of Trainers are focused on working closely with our students to encourage a positive, professional learning experience in one of Australia’s only exclusive security focused training facilities.

Specialised Career Solutions has partnered with a number of professional industry associates which has proven to be very beneficial to our students. These associates, from various security companies across Australia, attend classes and offer their invaluable first-hand knowledge, answering questions that students may have about working in the security industry and offering advice about obtaining employment, career pathways and laws and procedures.

Specialised Career Solutions utilises real-life, operational security equipment to ensure graduates are industry ready and are learning the correct way to perform technical security duties during the imperative learning process.

The experience gained will help to propel graduates into the workforce with the confidence in their knowledge and abilities to perform their duties to the highest standard

Our exclusive South Australian Training Centres are equipped with:

  • Operational airport screening equipment; providing hands-on aviation security training
  • ‘Gangsters Bar’ equipped with music, lighting, and walk-through metal detectors to replicate a licensed premises; providing a real-life crowd control environment
  • An armoured truck; providing a realistic training experience for cash transit operations
  • Legal standard drug and alcohol testing equipment; offering practical experience as a Drug Test Technician
  • Self-defence room; self-defence training in a safe, purpose built space
  • Shooting Range (offsite); a professional standard shooting range ideal for practical learning in our H6 Firearms & Weapons courses
  • A variety of weapons including firearms (revolver & semi-automatic) batons and handcuffs; ensuring a comprehensive H6 Firearms & Weapons course.
  • Multiple course offerings – we make it easy to upskill and gain further qualifications to enhance your career outcomes.

Specialised Career Solutions offers the following courses: