Specialised Career Solutions offers a range of outstanding security industry based courses in Adelaide. We have two well equipped security training centres in Adelaide, one based in Elizabeth and a second based in Hilton, in the west of Adelaide. Most of the courses we deliver are Nationally Recognised including Security Operations, Aviation Security, First Aid and Responsible Service of Alcohol.

Our specialist security courses include:

Course Delivery Methods

Specialised Career Solutions understands that not only do people learn in different ways. Our approach to training is structured, yet the method of delivery can be flexible, allowing people from different backgrounds and with different abilities to still participate and get the most out of their training experience with us. Our dedicated Trainers are committed to work with each student individually to ensure the best possible learning outcomes. To support our inclusive training structure, we offer courses Face to Face and also a Flexible Delivery Option.

Face to Face training is exactly as it sounds, learning in a classroom environment face to face with a qualified, experienced Trainer. This method of learning allows students

Flexible Delivery is based upon an online training platform providing a quality interactive training experience to participants, this allows students to study in their own time and at their own pace, and attending the academy when they are ready for assessment. Flexible Delivery is a true blended approach to training and assessment, reducing contact hours and inconvenience to students, whilst allowing students the opportunity to gain valuable nationally accredited qualifications.

Short Courses

Specialised Career Solutions also offers a number of exciting security industry related short courses. These short courses are an invaluable way to upskill and gain extra knowledge into your chosen area of interest. The short courses we offer are:

  • Dangerous Goods
  • Radiation Awareness
  • Liquid Aerosols & Gels
  • Active Shooting Procedures
  • Counter Terrorism Awareness
  • One Hit Can Kill/ Positional Restraint Asphyxia